Mar 31, 2009

Google announced free Internet connection upto 8 Mbps

In 1998 when google landed on internet there were merely 100 million internet users worldwide.
By the time of Y2K ( year 2000) , Internet users reached 360 million .
By 2006 , it crossed 1 Billion mark and now in 2009 it touched 1.6 billion mark with almost 350 % growth compared to 2000.

BUT.....When compared with the estimated world population (2008) , 6.7 Billion ( 6,710,029,070 to be specific) only 1.6 Billion uses internet and the rest is still far away from this creative world

This means not even 25% of the world population is using internet. To create awareness and make internet available to the rest of the world Google launched it's new industrial project named Internet G+.

Through this you are going to get a free internet connection with a speed upto 8 Mbps ( speed depends on your geographical location ). All you need to have is just a computer .

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Official announcement : Google announced free internet connection upto 8Mbps



savanth said...

google is great

Naomi said...

Thanks to Google !

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